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We can help integrate ANY (even your own) Cryptocurrency in your Robust Crypto Wallet Platform to make it available for anyone to use.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development and other related services to start your own Blockchain Fintech business

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Open up the possibilities with Multiple types of Cryptocurrency Wallet development that supports cryptocurrencies for your business.

Payment Gateway Development

Accept Cryptocurrency on any existing business or new platforms that you're building. Payment gateways act as a layer and enable transactions between different payment platforms and networks throughout the internet.


Integrate your own cryptocurrency wallet with popular POS or business software and offer transfer of funds across all your products. This increases the convenience of making payments, should you have your own cryptocurrency.

NFC / AR Apps

BitExchange's team of developers have worked with various hardware-centric manufacturers and software giants who have created some of the best Augmented Reality/ NFC powered products.

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Best Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

What makes BitExchange the best Cryptocurrency Wallet Development company?

Crypto Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

BitExchange has developed a variety of products in different industries. We implement cutting edge technology and build software that incorporates brilliant strategies to solve and handle challenges that have been limiting the company's growth. BitExchange's expert blockchain development team has worked on state of the art Cryptocurrency powered products ranging from cross-border payments systems to blockchain powered referral marketing platform and payouts management systems.

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Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter.

The world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency. I personally believe that it will be bitcoin,


Learn more about how cryptocurrencies can impact your business and offer convenience to everyone involved

The Cryptocurrency buzz is significantly increasing with a widespread adoption across the world as people are opening up to the idea of purchasing products online using cryptocurrency. In order for your business to tap into a whole new generation of the cryptocurrency trend and to build sophisticated marketplaces, you need a cryptocurrency wallet development company to build the product quickly.

Why is Cryptocurrency Wallet Important for the future of any business?

A secure Cryptocurrency wallet would power businesses of the future. Product makers and online businesses are slowly accepting Cryptocurrency as a mode of payment within their products or for use across their partner services throughout the world. As the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies begin, the confidence to hold and use them as a form of payment among a wider audience would increase as well. However, Cryptocurrencies are also susceptible to theft if not stored in a safe and secure location that has multiple layers of security and authentication to protect the cryptocurrency assets. That's where a secure Multi-signature Cryptocurrency Wallet comes into play.

To simply put it, Cryptocurrency Wallets offer Incredible Value and opens up possibilities.

According to a report put out by McKinsey's Fintech research arm, by the year 2025, most of the digital payments made would be through Cryptocurrencies across the globe.

Cryptocurrencies offers the convenience of cross border payments, the ability to hold value and for it's transparency. This faster adoption is fueled by the innovations that are happening in the eCommerce space that is decentralized and cannot be controlled by anyone. Most online businesses can now operate within low costs, offer a fair price to their customers without the fear of increasing platform fees and strong-armed monopoly.

Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Wallets have even caught the attention of Starbucks, that is now setting up platforms to accept Cryptocurrencies from it's customers in the near future.

Hiring the right Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company allows you to tap into this futuristic trend without wasting any more time. BitExchange's expert development team particularly focuses on building the software that accepts cryptocurrency payments, verifies its authenticity and the confirmation by tapping into a variety of signals that reduce the risk of fraud and makes paying on your website safe for customers.

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets We build

As a business, the other advantage of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development is that it allows you to build a platform to make express payments to your supplier anywhere in the world with a low transaction fee. We could even develop a dashboard for them to track the payments. It creates a high level of trust when they can see that their payments are on the way transparently.

Multi-signature Wallet Development

Multi-signature Wallet that requires mutliple key to secure and authenticate transactions, the fool proof mechanism ensures that only verified users get to access the funds present in the wallet.

Wallet with Built-in OTC Exchange Development

An Over the Counter exchange built right into the wallet, to ease up trading of cryptocurrencies within the Wallet platform. Building an OTC exchange right into the wallet would increase Wallet usage and add extra source of revenue.

Smart contract backed Crypto Escrow Wallet development

Crypto Escrow wallets act as a mediary between two parties and upon meeting the criterias mentioned in the smart contract, would execute the transfer automatically. An efficient Smart Contract needs to be built by domain experts who are knowledgeable and understand the details that needs to added.

Mobile Only Wallets

Mobile only wallet adds to a great retail experience for making payments at outlets easier, with just 2 steps. BitExchange's expert development team has worked on some of the best Point of Sale Solutions that are available in the market. The mobile wallets would work seamlessly with these solutions, making it easier to do business and making payments simple.

Key Factors in Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Building a great product experience for your business requires working down to the details.

Ease of use

The more simpler and easier the user finds your product to use, along with familiar user journey and utility, the platform is bound to be successful.


Blockchain itself is a mammoth technology that is entirely built on the concept of transparency, where the data cannot be deleted or modified.


Crypto wallet development involves building a product that incorporates a remarkable experience and supreme convenience for your customers who are using it. We ensure that the product is extendable and more newer features could be easily added in the future to offer the latest experience.


There's a certain amount of risk involved in making payments online for both the business and the consumer. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development would tap into shared intelligence provided by some of the payment systems like Stripe's machine learning powered RADAR to avert risks and payment fraud.

Learn what inspires our security standards


Scalability is at the core of what we do. The Crypto Wallet development is done using software frameworks that are secure, scalable and can perform consistently processing higher volume transactions. Our Micro Service Architecture also compartmentalizes certain processes so it can work on its own instances without disrupting the main functions.

Process involved in Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Get acquanited with how our development process works to get the best possible experience



If you already have a business or a platform that exists, our Blockchain development team analyzes the product and identifies the methods and implementational strategies that can best work for your business. If you do not have an already existing business and platform, you can check here we can discuss how to integrate it on any of our readily available solutions to start your business quickly.



We'd put across our findings and strategies to your team to see if it aligns with your business and we are on the same page. A thorough discussion on what needs to be done and how quick would help us to estimate the timeline and cost for your implementation.



Before we begin the Crypto Wallet Development, a timeline and cost component is drafted for implementing the idea and forwarded to you for approval. Once approved and the necessary formalities done, we can take things forward and begin the implementation.



As agreed upon earlier, the implementation begins addressing each item mentioned in the timeline sheet. Post the Wallet Development a thorough round of testing is done to iron out any issues that may have popped up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to integrate my own Cryptocurrency to the Crypto Wallet, is it possible?

We have some of the popular tokens that can be integrated to your wallet, if you have your own tokens, we can integrate that too. We do integrate Custom ERC-20, TRX-20 and any other cryptocurrency they have. Please get in touch with our Business development executive to discuss.

Is there any regulatory norms that needs to be met to have a Cryptocurrency Wallet based business, can anyone start it?

It entirely depends on the country the business is registered and from where it operates. We suggest you check with the local authorities and legal experts who may help you understand the scenario better.

Apart from the Crypto Wallet, is there anything else you guys develop?

We develop wide range of products ranging from cross-border payments app to Supply Chain Management. Most of them are ready-made and can be used by anyone with the required skillset to start a business instantly. You can check them out here

I have a software product that I think you can use it in one or most of your product, can we partner?

That would be great. We are open to partner with organizations and Startups that create products for the internet and business. If you feel that a software component that you have made can add value to our customers, we'd like to explore the opportunity. Don't hesitate to write to us at we'd be happy to talk.

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Crypto Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
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Crypto Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
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Crypto Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
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Crypto Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
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