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We can help integrate these cryptocurrencies in your payment gateway. If you have any other coins, you can get in touch with us

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Payment gateway development and other related services to get your Fintech business started

Payment Gateway Development

Cryptocurrency Payment gateway development that allows for a seamless payment experience on your business website/ platform or Point Of Sale system.

Crypto Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency Wallets that hold the cryptocurrencies to enable paying for services or products on your platform. We safely integrate the cryptocurrency wallet into any existing business or new platforms that you're building.


You can accept Cryptocurrency as payment from anyone willing to purchase a product or service on your platform or on your Point of Sale (POS) terminal. The data can be synced and tagged to every purchase (input needed)

NFC / AR Apps

BitExchange's team of developers have worked with various hardware-centric manufacturers and software giants who have created some of the best Augmented Reality/ NFC powered products.

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Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Company

What makes BitExchange the best cryptocurrency payment gateway development company?

Crypto Payment Gateway Development

BitExchange has developed a variety of products in different industries. We implement cutting edge technology and build software that incorporates brilliant strategies to solve and handle challenges that have been limiting the company's growth. BitExchange's expert blockchain development team has worked on state of the art Cryptocurrency powered products ranging from cross-border payments systems to blockchain powered referral marketing platform and payouts management systems.

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Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter.

The world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency. I personally believe that it will be bitcoin,


Learn more about how cryptocurrencies can impact your business and offer convenience to everyone involved

Cryptocurrency is seeing a wider adoption where a new generation of people are opening up to the idea of purchasing products online using cryptocurrency. In order for your business to tap into the whole new generation of cryptocurrency market and to build sophisticated marketplaces, you need a cryptocurrency payment gateway development company to build one for your business.

Why is Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Important for your business?

To simply put it, the Incredible Value it offers to any business that integrates it.

According to a report put out by McKinsey's Fintech research arm, by the year 2025, most of the digital payments made would be through Cryptocurrencies across the globe.

Mainly for its ease of payments, fungibility and the transparency it offers. One other aspect of the increasing adoption would also attribute to the innovations in the decentralized eCommerce space where the main platform wouldn't be controlled by a single entity and this would ultimately allow digital store owners to maintain low operational costs, provide a fair pricing to their customers without the fear of increasing platform fees and other unfair trade practices that most eCommerce platforms commit.

Eyeing the opportunity in cryptocurrency, even coffee retailer Starbucks is getting ready to accept Cryptocurrencies from users who are willing to pay with them.

Cryptocurrency payment gateway development focuses on building the software that accepts cryptocurrency payments, verifies its authenticity and the confirmation by tapping into a variety of signals that reduce the risk of fraud and makes paying on your website safe for customers.

Low-Cost Supplier Payments

As a business, the other advantage of Cryptocurrency payment gateway development is that it allows you to build a platform to make express payments to your supplier anywhere in the world with a low transaction fee. We could even develop a dashboard for them to track the payments. It creates a high level of trust when they can see that their payments are on the way transparently.

Key Factors in Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development

We pay attention to these aspects while we develop a payment gateway for your business

Ease of use

Simple user journeys that effortlessly fit in your platform, allowing users to purchase products seamlessly. Ease of use is what defines the success of the platform.


Transparency ensures that people can trust your business and there's no better way to display than using a Blockchain powered cryptocurrency to show your customers that you are worthy of their trust.


Accepting payments from any customer hailing from any part of the world means they can conveniently buy products from you without worrying about excess fees.


There's a certain amount of risk involved in making payments online for both the business and the consumer. Cryptocurrency payment gateway development would tap into shared intelligence provided by some of the payment systems like Stripe's machine learning powered RADAR to avert risks and payment fraud.

Learn what inspires our security standards


Scalable infrastructure enhances the site's experience. A key emphasize during the Cryptocurrency payment development would be to make the entire payment infrastructure scalable and modular in order to make future upgrades possible.

Process involved in Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway development

Get acquanited with how our development process works to get the best possible experience



If you already have a business or a platform that exists, our Blockchain development team analyzes the product and identifies the methods and implementational strategies that can best work for your business. If you do not have an already existing business and platform, you can check here we can discuss how to integrate it on any of our readily available solutions to start your business quickly.



We'd put across our findings and strategies to your team to see if it aligns with your business and we are on the same page. A thorough discussion on what needs to be done and how quick would help us to estimate the timeline and cost for your implementation.



Before we begin the Cryptocurrency payment gateway development, a timeline and cost component is drafted for implementing the idea and forwarded to you for approval. Once approved and the necessary formalities done, we can take things forward and begin the implementation.



As agreed upon earlier, the implementation begins addressing each item mentioned in the timeline sheet. Post the cryptocurrency payment gateway development a thorough round of testing is done to iron out any issues that may have popped up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to integrate my own Cryptocurrency to the payment gateway, is it possible?

Sure, the tokens displayed at the top are the ones commonly requested by our clients. We do integrate Custom ERC-20, TRX-20 and any other cryptocurrency they have. Please get in touch with our Business development executive to discuss.

To start a payment gateway that accepts cryptocurrency, is there any regulatory norms that needs to be met?

It entirely depends on the country the business is registered and from where it operates. We suggest you check with the local authorities and legal experts who may help you understand the scenario better.

Apart from the payment gateway, is there anything else you guys develop?

We develop wide range of products ranging from cross-border payments app to Supply Chain Management. Most of them are ready-made and can be used by anyone with the required skillset to start a business instantly. You can check them out here

I have a software product that I think you can use it in one or most of your product, can we partner?

That would be great. We are open to partner with organizations and Startups that create products for the internet and business. If you feel that a software component that you have made can add value to our customers, we'd like to explore the opportunity. Don't hesitate to write to us at we'd be happy to talk.

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Crypto Payment Gateway Development
" You guys appear to be expanding your development team. Was that triggered by the explosive volume in crypto-trading we've seen?"
Crypto Payment Gateway Development
" Ask not which Digital Currency Will Be the Next. Ask which Exchange will be the next. Every country becomes bullish in this erupting sector."
Crypto Payment Gateway Development
" Blockchain proves to be the most promising technology to look into. Companies dealing with Blockchain development ready to pay top dollar for talent. "
Crypto Payment Gateway Development
"As millions of users folk towards the Cryptocurrency rush, Exchanges give a keen eye on employing technologies that scale tremendously. "

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