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Futures-Contract Features Highlight.

Long-Short Contracts

A Well written research backed ICO White Paper that clearly outlines the coin's business plan and it's projected growth for the potential investors to see.Your investors will be able to Buy( Long ) or Sell( Short ) Cryptocurrency Futures Contract, based on a pre-defined future date at a specific price. They profit speculating the cryptocurrencies price movement.

Minimum Contract size

Secure Admin Panel to set the minimum number of assets that should be bought in 1 slot/ contract. Based on the Cryptocurrency used, you can set the minimal number. Ex: 7 Bitcoins in one contract.

"Good faith deposit" percentage

Also you can set the minimum down-payment %age the trader is required to deposit in the account for each contract. This initial margin is called the "Good faith deposit". Ex: 10% of the Bitcoin Future Contact value.

Minimum Price movement "Tick"

Provision to configure the Minimum Price movement of the trading instrument. Whenever the cryptocurrency price Tick’s, the trader gain’s / loses on his Futures contract. Ex: You can set the Tick as $10 of Ether real-time price.


Real-time systems to indicate and calculate the futures contract’s that are highly leveraged. Helps you monitor indexes and also set notifications on critical threshold points when reached.

Auto Credit / Debit settlements

Provisions to configure automatic settlements at the end of each trading day. Payment gateways will be setup that allows auto credit or debit of funds in-from traders accounts everyday.

Auto maintenance margin call

Systems monitor in realtime the accounts that go below the maintenance margin. Will configure dynamic IVR’s for calls/ SMS to trigger margin calls on behalf of the broker ie. you. Systems can also be set to auto-deposit sufficient funds using Payment gateways.

Price fluctuation limits

Provision to mitigate risk with Cryptocurrency Price volatility. Via. The secure Admin Dashboard you can configure 3 limits. You can also set the monitoring period and halt period for each limit. Trading will not happen beyond the top limit set. Ex: 9% , 15%, 22%

Any Cryptocurrency

Any cryptocurrency of your choice can be set as the base asset powering your Futures contract market. It can be also created your own coin/ token. Ex: Bitcoin Futures contract marketplace, Ether Futures contract platform, TRX Futures Contract market.

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Risk-Free EOD Settlements

The high volatility of the cryptocurrency market can bring you huge daily profits. The market has equal number of Short & Long speculators. As a marketplace, You make money either ways. When Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency raise or fall.

A well-planned Marketing strategy has the power to make your coin stand out from the rest in the crowded crypto space and garner investments.

With the automated debit-credit structure in place, trader accounts get debited or credited automatically based on market volatility.

The system automatically plays the gainers in the marketplace by debited money from the losers accounts. You are left with hefty profit margins.

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How do you make money?

There are many ways you can make huge revenue running a Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin Futures contact platform.By default the system can be set so traders trade against each other and not against the exchange, so its totally risk free for the exchange owner. Some other interesting revenue channels are:

  • Your Cryptocurrency Futures Contract marketplace can make money by offering god leverage and charge a flat %age fee on the notional value of each trade
  • A fee for each transaction.
  • Listing fee from relatively upcoming crypto’s.

And many more.

How does Cryptocurrency Futures Contract work?

Ok. For those who don’t understand the concept of Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin Futures Contract, lets start from the basics.

What is a Futures contract?

Simply put, it is a agreement or contract to sell or buy an asset on a date or time in the future - at a specific price.

Once you enter into a futures contract, you are obliged to Buy or Sell the asset at the price you agreed for( when the contract is executed at the agreed date/ time in the future ). Even if the price of the asset is different during the execution date.

For example, the asset you are trading is Gold. You buy a Futures contract that holds 100 units of gold at current market price ( Each unit is $10 at present in the market ). So your contract is worth $1000. Say in 5 months the contract expires. Per unit of gold then is $15. Your profit is $500. On the flip side, say the price has reduced to $7. Your loss is $300 ( which you need to pay to the exchange )

As a trader you can take two positions in a Futures contract: Long or Short.

If you take a Long position: You are buying the asset at a specific price you believe in, in a future date that the contract expires in.
If you take a Short position: You are selling the asset at the specific price you believe in, in a future date the contact expires in.

A common practise is to take a long position when the asset is at the record low price. Or short it when the asset is in a all time high. Both involves risk though based on market volatility.

What are Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin Futures Contract?

Similar to the regular Futures, your marketplace can allow traders to speculate on the price of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency. Your investors don’t need to own any Bitcoins or crypto, but can just buy contracts and place a bet on the price.

Good News: This can be run legally even in countries where crypto is Banned!

How?  Because, Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Futures Contracts don’t deal with crypto directly.
Here traders speculate only price on the price of these commodities.

Protocols we are Proud of:


Is this similar to Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin price betting platform development?

Ok. When you use the words Bitcoin Price betting, the brands that comes our mind is BitMex, OkCoin, TD Ameritrade etc. :) Above mentioned Brands like BitMex etc. do a very good job in running a proper Cryptocurrency Price betting marketplace, and yes it works in lines with a Bitcoin Futures Contact trading exchange. What we have in mind is more of a CME Group , CBOE etc.

Who are the Bitcoin Futures contract platform Developers?

The Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin futures developers we employ on your project are top class. These software developers have very good experience in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency related technologies. They have worked on many similar development projects and delivered successfully. Working in such cryptocurrency futures and derivatives trading projects, they also have good domain knowledge in the subject.

What is Bitcoin ETF?

As the name implies, Bitcoin ETF stands for Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds. Traditionally an ETF is a basket of funds, shares, Assets, commodities etc. into which investors can invest and benefit. There are many ETF's that just function on the indexes of prices as well. Think of it as an investment vehicle that just tracks performance of assets. A Bitcoin ETF can be a financial instrument that just mimics the price of Bitcoins. Investors will be able to invest on such regulated ETFs than directly buying-holding and trading bitcoins in an exchange. A Bitcoin ETF also reduces your risk of securely holding bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. Like a Bitcoin ETF, people can also design various other Cryptocurrency ETFs Ex: Ether ETF, TRX ETF, NEO ETF etc. or even ETF's that a mixture of various cryptocurrencies.

What are Bitcoin Derivatives?

Derivatives are financial instruments that gets its value from the underlying asset making up the derivative ( Stocks, commodities, Cryptocurrency etc. ). Futures contract is a type of derivative.

Bitcoin Derivates are same are Bitcoin Futures. Also similarly various Cryptocurrency derivatives can be created and traded.

Can Smart Contracts be used to develop a Cryptocurrency Futures exchange?

Yes. One of the most effective and best ways to develop a marketplace, platform of exchange for trading of Cryptocurrency Futures and derivatives is to employ smart contracts. A lot of automation, intelligence, transparency can be built with the help of smart contracts.

In The Press

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" You guys appear to be expanding your development team. Was that triggered by the explosive volume in crypto-trading we've seen?"
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" Ask not which Digital Currency Will Be the Next. Ask which Exchange will be the next. Every country becomes bullish in this erupting sector."
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" Blockchain proves to be the most promising technology to look into. Companies dealing with Blockchain development ready to pay top dollar for talent."
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"As millions of users folk towards the Cryptocurrency rush, Exchanges give a keen eye on employing technologies that scale tremendously."

Frequently Asked Questions


What is P2P Exchange option?

‘Peer-to-peer’ (P2P) or ‘decentralized’ exchanges are operated and maintained exclusively by software and the owner of the exchange.

P2P exchanges allow the participants of the market to trade directly with each other without any trusted third party to process all trades.

‘Regular’ cryptocurrency exchanges are companies, which serve as intermediaries between their customers and make a profit by collecting fees. Conversely, the interactions between counterparties on peer-to-peer exchanges are directed exclusively by pre-programmed software, with no requirement for human middlemen.

This alternative approach has a number of comparative advantages, as well as downsides. Overall, the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges are vivid examples of the decentralization philosophy.

BitExchange is the only Ready-made Cryptocurrency script in the market that provides both P2P and Regular exchange features.


What is a Hot Wallet?

A hot wallet refers to a Bitcoin wallet that is online and connected in some way to the Internet. It is a term that refers to bitcoins that are not being kept in cold storage.

Bitcoin-related services and exchanges that are able to pay out withdrawals instantly can be said to be paying them from a "hot wallet". The term can also be used loosely to refer to keeping bitcoins in an exchange where they can be withdrawn on demand. Its real-world analogy is keeping cash on person: easy access, but greatest risk of unrecoverable theft in the event of an attack.

Operating a "hot wallet" is also a risk to its owner, because most computer systems have hidden vulnerabilities of some sort that can eventually be used by hackers or malware to break into the system and steal the bitcoins.

Keeping large amounts of bitcoins in a hot wallet is a fundamentally poor security practice. Most, if not all of the Bitcoin losses incurred in all the known hackings in Bitcoin history can be attributed to funds kept in hot wallets.

Exchange's built using Reputable Cryptocurrency Exchange scripts like 'BitExchange',that offer Bitcoin withdrawal of some sort will keep a very limited number of bitcoins in a hot wallet to enable immediate withdrawals of small/typical amounts, but will require a delay and manual activity to process a larger withdrawal, as the bitcoins are retrieved from other storage.

About Us

We're a young but determined company built by a professional and enthusiastic team, driven by our customers' success stories. Although we come from different backgrounds and have very different skill sets as individuals, as a team we're united by the same goal: Make Technology a Breeze for Entrepreneurs.

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Our Development Process


Before starting to develop any new feature in this Bitcoin Trading Script, we always take the time to study the market's needs and requirements.


After we understand the real business need, we'll go to the drawing board and design a ground-breaking User Experiance that can be fitted into the product.


With the design in place, it's time for the heavy lifting development work done by our skilled and enthusiastic software developers.


Testing can take a very short or a very long time, depending on the complexity of the feature and it's importance in the business flow.

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