Crypto Arbitrage Bot Script
Start a cryptocurrency arbitrage trading bot platform with this script.
Bitcoin trading bot software
ArbitX 2.0
Smart arbitrage algorithm that efficiently identifies and executes orders automatically, even while you're asleep.
Users can Configure the bot's various parameters to trade effortlessly, this is important for PRO level users on your platform.
It's a BOT
Set it up once and it runs on its own based on the parameters you set. Automatically make trades and earn profits.
Made for Crypto
The software is compatible trading on Cryptocurrency exchanges and is built specifically for that purpose.

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Crypto Arbitrage Bot Script

Version 1.1
Date Created 1/07/2019
Last Updated 1/07/2019
Php 7
MySQL 5.5
ArbitX 2.0
UI Material
Compitability 0+ Exchanges
Bitcoin trading bot software Bitcoin trading bot software Bitcoin trading bot software


What is arbitrage?

Arbitrage is the practise of simultaneously buying a commodity (in this case a quantity of cryptocurrency) for a lesser price from one exchange and then selling it at a higher price on a different market.

What is a Crypto Arbitrage Bot Script?

A Crypto arbitrage bot is programmed to analyse different markets it is connected to and then chooses the cryptocurrency exchange that has the lowest price for the cryptocurrency that it is configured to purchase and then goes ahead with the purchase, simultaneously it identifies the exchange where the cryptocurrencies are sold for a higher price as well and then places a sell order there as well.

The cryptocurrency arbitrage bot script allows anyone to start a cryptocurrency arbitrage bot platform that lets users to sign up for the service and trade across different exchanges that are compatible.

Why should anyone use the Crypto Arbitrage Bot script?

While Cryptocurrency is indeed booming, the prices at this stage keep fluctuating drastically and sometimes, the best trading prices come up while you're asleep.
Across the markets, there are people who sell the cryptocurrency at lower prices, you can take advantage of that if only you were trading round the clock or had a Cryptocurrency Arbitrage bot script that would systematically trade on your behalf, buying at a market that is lower priced and selling at a higher price, continuously making profit for you at all times.

How does the Crypto Arbitrage Bot Script work?

STEP 1: A user who wishes to use the cryptocurrency arbitrage bot would sign up on the platform, get the API keys from the exchanges they have accounts on and then connect the exchanges to the bot. You'll then have to set a parameters for the Bot to operate all from the user panel. Each user would get to set these parameters according to their trade volume and frequency.

STEP 2: The bot then starts looking for trades with lower value to purchase and then when a suitable trade is found it goes ahead and purchases it from the exchange.

STEP 3: The cryptocurrency is stored in your wallet. Meanwhile, the bot compares other exchange to see if there are anyone has opened a request to buy at a higher price from other exchanges. The cryptocurrencies are sent to that exchange's wallet and based on the parameters set by you, the bot then sells the cryptocurrency for the higher price.

STEP 4: The funds collected are sent to the respective wallets. (Crypto or fiat), the bot supports trading with different currency pairs as well.

How does the admin make money with the Crypto Arbitrage Bot script?

* Membership Fee
You could charge a membership fee for all the users and based on the volume of trade you could even offer preferential membership rates for high volume traders on your platform. A multi-tier membership fee would allow everyone to try out your platform.

* Trade Success fee
For every successful transaction, you could charge a transaction fee that you can levy on the user. This would be an additional revenue

* Exchange Commission
Partnering with smaller exchanges would help them and you as well. You can strike a deal where you could get a small commission for every referral trade done. They would be happy to pay you as well and could possibly work on bringing in more features together with you.

Features of the Crypto Arbitrage Bot Script

Admin Panel
Each and every feature and functionality on the platform can be controlled through the admin panel. The admin panel is your single point of contact to Analyze, make decisions and take action.

Bot Customizer
The bot follows the parameters set by the user for each set of trades under the trade campaigns.

SmartTrade algorithm
Our Trading algorithm is unique and time tested that the bot is much more precise, swift and efficient in making the trades than the other ones in the market.

Trade Campaigns
Set multiple trade campaigns so they bot can have multiple trades at the same time or at a specific schedule.

Trade View
Have a Birdseye view of all the trades that are happening on the platform. The trading bot can take care of all the

Switchlet displays the exchanges that the user isn't on where potential high value trades are happening at the moment. Recommending the users to sign up for it (Your exchange partners and you make money)

Crypto Arbitrage Bot Software
Plentiful exchanges are being added to the script, and the software performs trades faster, even at higher volumes.
Installation Guide
The Crypto arbitrage bot software package comes with a Step by Step installation manual that will guide the developers while installing the script.
Installation Service
Should you need help with the installation of cryptocurrency arbitrage bot script, you could always avail our paid installation service to have the script installed for you.
100% Source Code
You get 100% un-encrypted source code that you can use to get any developer to customize. That being said, this doesn't allow you to resell the product in any form.
Bitcoin trading bot software
Move fast. Speed is one of your main advantages over large competitors.
Make money while you sleep, the Cryptocurrency arbitrage bot script does profitable trading on your behalf, without lifting a finger.
Bitcoin trading bot software
Robust API
The platform has robust APIs for you to build newer features and add more exchanges.
Supported Browsers
Bitcoin trading bot software
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