Bitcoin Gambling Script
Start a Bitcoin-powered online Gambling site using this Cryptocurrency Gambling software.
Bitcoin gambling script
20+ Games
Lottery randomization engine that ensures that the selection is made efficiently.
Add your own game skins for different levels, make seasonal designs to suit various occasions.
Build custom features, extend sites capabilities with the help of well documented robust APIs.
Crypto Powered
Cryptocurrency Powered business idea that can be implemented by anyone easily. Start NOW.

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Bitcoin Lottery software

Version 1.1
Date Created 1/07/2019
Last Updated 1/07/2019
Php 7
MySQL 5.5
Raffr 2.0
UI Material
Compitability All Major Browsers
Bitcoin gambling script Bitcoin gambling script Bitcoin gambling script


What is a Bitcoin Gambling Script?

Bitcoin gambling Script is a software lets you run and operate an online gambling site that has games like poker, blackjack, Slots and other gambling related games under one platform. Using this Cryptocurrency gambling script you can start a highly profitable revenue generating gambling site instantly. You can start accepting Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payments and sell your cryptocurrency tokens in it for playing games as well.

Why should you start a site using Bitcoin gambling Script?

Online Gambling is not a new concept. It has been a source of income for a lot of people who play the game right as it fairly involves a lot of strategies. This gives many users a certain high or a rush, as it constantly keeps them thinking. Below you can see the stats for this year as to how many people are interested in playing through an online gambling portal.

PROOF#1: Only Considering the region United States, people living there search for using the keyword "Online Casino Games" anywhere between 4000 - 8000 times a month.

PROOF #2: Below shown is the search volume of People searching for "Online Casino Games" and similar keywords related to gambling every month. Numbers don't lie.

As you can see that only a limited number of legitimate sites are available online that users trust to even consider playing on them. In turn, only these few sites are making all the money by cashing in on this trend.

You must be asking, hmm..Then, how do I get users to trust me? I'm fairly new as well.

The answer is Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Blockchain tech and cryptocurrency are opening up new possibilities for businesses that run on it. Right from its transparency and privacy features, the technology extends all these factors to any application that is built over it. Especially for bitcoin gambling script the Blockchain technology is crucial in building trust from the very beginning of the business.

Newer online casinos using this Bitcoin gambling script can take advantage of these factors right out of the box.

Why should you buy this Cryptocurrency gambling script?

The Cryptocurrency gambling script is built with attention to detail and offers a great gaming experience that your users would love.

Keeping in mind the smart game mechanics that a lot of games in the real world follow, this script incorporates all of that too.

The games on the Bitcoin gambling script are carefully built and curated by industry leaders who understand and know the smallest details that an online casino would require for it to become successful.

The Online cryptocurrency Casino gaming script is also secure and has been tested for simultaneously side loading, just to be sure that the platform effortlessly performs even when a lot of users use the site.

With constant updates to the base script, you can be sure that the cryptocurrency gambling script is updated with multiple games or levels to keep your users coming back to play new and interesting games on your platform. Stay ahead of others.

How do you make money with this Cryptocurrency gambling script?

* Cryptocurrency Exchange Fee - The exchange fee for every transaction done on the platform. Easily make money without lifting a finger.

* Games Whenever the user is playing against the house and lose, the funds come right into your pocket.

* Advertising Interstitial Ad Ad banner from other sites could earn revenue just for showing the ads to the traffic.

* Rise in Token Value As more and more users start using your tokens, the token value increases as well. If you're holding a majority of the tokens, then you know who is laughing all the way to the bank.

Why should you buy this Cryptocurrency gambling script?

Each of these games are designed with the same logic and rules that the offline version of the games follow individually.

Our custom built Outcome randomizer follows a specially designed algorithm to spin out the outcomes in an unpredictable manner as possible. Meaning the outcomes do not follow a pattern so users who have been playing for long will not be able to trace it.

The games on the Bitcoin gambling script are built by experts who have been in the game design industry developing various cutting edge Multiplayer role playing games (MMORPG), Casino games and games for the Facebook gaming platform.
Bring all the years of experience into the script, the developers have given attention to detail and have worked hard to make the bitcoin gambling script free from logic loopholes which is one of the most important aspects of building a game that involves money as the margin for error should be 0%. The platform would lose money in a matter of minutes otherwise.

The cryptocurrency gambling script is constantly updated with variations and level complexities that can be easily updated for your platform. Be assured that your bitcoin gambling software stays ahead of others.

Features of this Cryptocurrency gambling Script

Featured Game Pack
A set of exclusive handpicked Casino games come pre-loaded with the base script. You're Casino is ever ready.

Feature Upgrades
Features are constantly updated from time to time apart from any bug fixes/patches for the platform. Safe & Secure.

Support Cryptocurrencies like btc, LTC, ETH and other cryptos on the platform. You can customize and add your own token too.

KYC Onboarding
Comply with regulatory requirements, accept and verify Know Your Customers (KYC) documentation right on the platform when the user signs up.

Integrated OTC
Your platform, your tokens, your price. Sell tokens right on your site and accept crypto or fiat currency for making a purchase.

Smart Theming System
Get a new design pack or make your own easily (Coding required). Give your users a consistent experience on the platform. The smart theming system allows you to customize the look of the platform easily.

Optimized for MMO
Optimized for Massive Multiplayer Online experience, this bitcoin gambling script lets you play along with more friends friends on your platform. There's room for everyone.

Game Moderators
Game moderators monitor and moderate game rooms. The can maintain the sanity of the site while removing all the unecessary elements from the platform.

Smart Game Bots
Turn the built-in bots 'ON' to simulate real players, users would face the bots in a one off challenge. It's more fun.

Manage everything from users to games that are currently running. The admin dashboard lets you control the site completely.

Referral Tracking System
Reward your users for bringing in their friends to use the platform. The referral tracking system can track, verify and payout referral commission.

Loyalty Module
It's never too late to reward your loyal customers, the loyalty engine helps you in recognizing members and rewarding them all done from the dashboard.

Growth Hack Module
Packed with all the essential for the platform to grow: Reminders, Push Dashboard, Drip Campaigns, Urgency alert, Bonus point system and much more.

Email & SMS
Send email and SMS Marketing messages to the users through the bitcoin casino software 's admin panel easily.

CryptoCurrency Gambling Software
Cryptocurrency Powered
This bitcoin gambling software is the next generation business idea that is sure to make you WIN WIN.
Installation Guide
The cryptocurrency gambling software is accompanied by a Step by Step Installation manual that will guide the developers to install the script easily.
Installation Service
Should you need help with the installation of bitcoin gambling software, you could always avail our paid installation service to have the script installed for you.
100% Source Code
You get 100% un-encrypted source code that you can use to get any developer to customize. That being said, this doesn't allow you to resell the product in any form.
Bitcoin gambling script
We must become more comfortable with probability and uncertainty.
Get ready to succeed in the Crypto business using this Bitcoin gambling software. Highly Profitable business.
Bitcoin gambling script
Let's Roll
Start your winning streak with this readymade, easy to set up bitcoin gambling software.
Supported Browsers
Bitcoin gambling script
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