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Questions? Shoot a mail

Questions? Shoot a mail

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a process followed by our scouts for choosing these Blockchain Projects. Every month, based on the trend and the different type of requests we get from customers, we make a list of the Blockchain projects that we will be working on. Also extreme care is taken to only choose projects that we have complete expertise in -or- those blockchain projects on which our team can quickly build an expertise on. The team here takes an extra effort to keep a tab on all the different Blockchain Use Cases in various industries. Since everyday a new use case is popping up, we only take it a point to do Blockchain Projects that are currently required by startups and entrepreneurs. Though many blockchain use cases are there in healthcare, Supply Chain Management, Retail etc. Only those blockchain projects that can instantly be started with minimal financial requirements are chosen.
Yes, we are slowly moving there. But we see that for enterprise grade Blockchain Projects to be deployed and managed, you need a bigger team and budget. Since one of our Moto is to write clear documentation for understanding and deploying each of the projects listed on this page, we foresee a lot more time will be needed to create documentation for enterprise grade Blockchain projects. So yes, the short answer is, we will soon be doing more bigger Use Cases. But for now only the ones that can be deployed instantly.
Even before jumping into implementation of Blockchain projects, we recommend that you build your skillset on the blockchain vertical. Proper understanding of Blockchain working concepts is required and required programming skills in Blockchain is also required. In each of the Blockchain Projects present on this page, we have made it easy to understand the source code by end-to-end documentation. But to understand how to implement blockchain, we recommend you need to spend some time learning the basics. As each of these sample projects are made in a manner to help you hit the road running.
Yes, with the source code provided and the documentation provided for each of the projects, you can easily teach yourself how to code Blockchain effectively. But as in any learning process, you would also need to put in extra effort for understanding certain concepts of Blockchain technology.
Each one of these Blockchain projects is chosen based on the trend and what business verticals our customers want most. For example: eCommerce, FinTech, Cloud Storage, Cryptocurrency etc. The aim is to cover as many business verticals as possible, so if you have any Blockchain idea, you can find something that closely resembles your business idea. By this we believe that our blockchain project source code can save at least 70% of your programming time and you can get your first MVP out ASAP.
Ofcourse yes. As mentioned earlier, each of these blockchain projects are chosen for startups and entrepreneurs. They can be easily implemented using the documents that come along. Students and Beginners can use these projects to learn how to code a realtime blockchain project. They can go through the source code and documentation to understand blockchain programming. So, yes these Blockchain projects for students and beginners also.

We are planning and working on a variety of interesting Blockchain use cases. Some of them are:
- Heath care Blockchain Use Cases on various niches.
- Oil and Gas Blockchain Use Cases for enterprise grade software.
- Gaming Blockchain Use Cases for the Mobile and Desktop.
- Insurance industry oriented Blockchain Use Cases.
- Identity management Blockchain Use Cases for the security industry.
- Blockchain Use Cases for the Banking industry.
- Telecom and communication industry Blockchain Use Cases.
- Useful Blockchain Use Cases for the Agriculture vertical.
- Blockchain Use Cases to simplify and bring more transparency in the government sector.
- Process oriented Blockchain Use Cases in the field of Aviation.
- Automotive Blockchain Use Cases for current vehicles and the future Autonomous cars.
- Blockchain Use Cases for improving the process in the field of Advertising. - Asset Management and tracking Blockchain Use Cases.
- Construction related and logistics Blockchain Use Cases.
- Blockchain Use Cases for the Cyber Security related matters.
- Compliance and Adherence oriented Blockchain Use Cases.
- Blockchain Use Case for the Education industry. and Blockchain Use Cases in:
- Streamlining Energy and making it affordable to everyone across the globe.
- Making distributed Real Estate ledgers.
- Enabling easy Media distribution via. a trusted and open network.
- Decentralisation of all documents and bookings in the Hospitality industry.
- Capturing and storing all realtime data produced by IOT ( Internet of things ) systems.
- Decentralised Logistics systems and related data.
- Making Legal knowledge accessible by all and maintaining a secure ledger of all Law related documents.
- Open ledger having Information on the Lending marketplace ( Lenders , Borrowers etc. ).
- Manufacturing process decentralisation.
- Building a solid Provenance in the Mining industry.
- Pharma open ledger creation on the supply and availability of various medicines.
- Procurement information decentralised.
- Aligning the process and supply chain in the Retail industry.
- Decentralised Smart City.
- Bringing Sports and related news, items etc. on a open or private blockchain.
- Making Travel more open.

Followed here through the blockchain business ideas article, good find.

I have been looking for blockchain projects for college, found bitexchange’s money transfer app easy to understand from the documentation and setting up was easy too.

Wowwwww! The exchange script is free. Is there something you guys are not telling?

Ray here… I’ve been following their products for a while now and these blockchain projects are quite kickass when it comes to the products they have. Will recommend them.

My name is Lamar. Want to start blockchain business with bitexchange exchange software. Very satisfied with service.

Blockchain business ideas are hard to come by, and I was able to get started with something after getting products from these guys.

I got the liquidity provider order book system integrated through the team at Bitexchange, they were prompt with their service and were friendly with their service.

I was looking to inspiration on How to start a bitcoin business and came across this site. Products look interesting, downloaded a couple of products, excited to see how it works :D

Blockchain cross-border payments app script is something I’m interested in. How is the support? Anyone?

I’m a first time entrepreneur starting a cryptocurrency business with this exchange script has made my life easy. thank you krish

Landed on this page from the cryptocurrency business ideas article I read somewhere, the idea seems great. Planning to use the idea I’ve got from the article starting this weekend!

Bitcoin projects are crazy, the trend that is making everyone go helter skelter. All the best to people who are planning to cash in on this.

This is an excellent idea and I’m pretty sure this is out of the box as most path-breaking inventions were faced with resistance. It's only coz they didn’t understand it in the beginning

I could always say that there’s a 70/30 percent chance that people would be willing to shift to the blockchain technology, even if you give out the best blockchain business ideas to them. At Least for now.

How is cheap bitcoin business software not beneficial to us? Wall St. will try to shut this down when they see strong support.

How can they keep pricing the products low even when there are so many people adopting the bitcoin business model and are actively looking for software to run their business?

In the early days, bitcoin was conceived to be an actual usable currency to buy goods and services, without the interference of banks.Now a days, Bitcoin is looked up like a stock option and not as a means to do a transaction, this should change and hopefully entrepreneurs starting businesses with these products use it to their full potential.

The decentralized nature of blockchain has a lot of potential, so no one can mess with the data now.

Would be really cool if you guys made a game on the blockchain and put it out here, I’d buy.

I made more money than I wish to admit out of my financial equity, and, as you can imagine. I turned a small fortune into over a million dollars. It’s doing good, but FML it’s been a ride. I’m optimistic of a bright crypto future

Yes, cryptocurrency is indeed making waves and is sure to change the tide for decades to come.

Countries should realize that by moving towards legalizing cryptocurrencies, they will likely attract more and more startups.

The article I read was really helpful for the 'What', 'Why' and the 'How', I had on my mind about cryptocurrency. It's also great to find the 'Where' also mentioned here.

Some really great tips in there thanks for you time. I definitely agree with you on your advice on the ' How to start a Blockchain businesses in one week? ', article.

This is interesting, a range of cryptocurrency business scripts that are ready made. I hope someone starts a legit business with it.

Knowing that cryptocurrencies are the next big thing, my partners and I are starting our cryptocurrency business with the bitcoin money lending and borrowing script. We already have the experience of working at some of the high profile lending companies. We’ve figured that part. The technology was the hurdle, seeing the products on Bitexchange, there’s a huge sigh of relief.

I think this market goes sideways for many more months till we see some actual scalability working in the field (that also has potential for adoption)

The crypto companies that will remain standing will change the world as we know it. Gone are the days of coins doubling in value because they "came out with a new website with a cool UX". New markets are emerging. The only question left is, are you strong enough to brave the change?

I think people make crypto way more of a revolution than it is. IMHO there’s only 1 % legitimate progress. I also think all your Blockchain use cases mentioned in the article can exists without the need for cryptomarket.

Blockchain will solve so many of these problems. Dismissing this new tech will send you 3 steps back in terms of progress. Tech is evolving exponentially now. So either believe in it or don’t, it’s bound to happen.

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